No matter what your tastes are, Yaxley Carpets offers flooring that will complement them!

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The flooring needs of the business world are diverse, and this is something we at Yaxley Carpets understand. Whether you need commercial flooring that'll withstand heavy use, or a sleek design that'll impress clients, we can help.


Striking designs that sing to your clients as they walk through the door can create an effortlessly professional image. When you let us know what your commercial flooring needs are, we will meet them.

Make Your Business' Interior Shine with Our Commercial Flooring Solutions

• Whether you want wood, laminate, or vinyl, we have a product for you

• Our personalised consultation service helps you arrive at an excellent purchasing decision

• We pay attention to style and quality, helping you to deliver a professional look

• Our carpet solutions meet domestic and commercial needs alike

Slip Proof Flooring, Safe Flooring, and More

Are you running a school or kitchen? Then you'll need slip proof flooring! Trying to impress customers that walk into your store? Let us see how our wood flooring can meet your needs.


With 30 years' experience, we know that each of our customers is unique. We will offer you a bespoke flooring selection service that meets your commercial needs.

Taking the Stress Out of Commercial Flooring Selection

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